While we are a NZ family business trying to earn a living by making a profit; we believe businesses can make a positive impact to our world.

So, we choose to contribute to worthy causes with the profits we earn…


Life isn’t always fair… but education, food and a safe place to live should be a minimum. Sadly that’s not always the case!

For every label printer we sell, we give 1 nourishing meals to a Kiwi kid in need

We hope it’ll provide some nourishment and maybe encourage learning and through this a better life for some (with your support of course)!


Paper is one of the biggest components used in the labels we sell, so…

For every 20,000 labels ordered, we plant a tree in the world

Helping to protect, restore & promote sustainable care of our planet, for current and future generations


Established in 2003, Accurate Labelling provides a huge selection of quality labels, thermal printers and accessories for a range of New Zealand brands.

As a locally owned business, we’re able to focus on customer service so you not only get outstanding labels and reliable printers, you get help when you need it.

Our focus is on providing you with high-quality products and a level of service you can rely on. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us recommend the right labels, printers, software or accessories to keep production running smoothly.


We’re the go-to thermal label printer and label supplier for businesses across New Zealand.

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Tyrone Murphy

Trust and reliability are high on my list when it comes to values, which is why owning a business with the word Accurate in its name appealed to me.

I love the way labels can make a huge difference to a range of elements including sales and brand recognition as well as systems & processes behind the scenes. And when it comes to printers, I’m a bit of a tech-head! I love helping our clients solve problems so they can keep their business moving.

My priority is making sure you have the best quality products and service from me and the team so please reach out if you need a hand with your labels or printer.



Not just labels and printers. Real customer support.

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19 Years And Going Strong

We have been supplying NZ businesses with labels and printing solutions for close to two decades.

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Quality Guaranteed

Our thermal printers are guaranteed for two years, and if you have an issue with your labels or ribbon, we’ll fix it for you.

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New Zealand Owned

Accurate Labelling is a local business that provides local jobs and loves working with Kiwi brands.

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Custom Solutions

Talk to us about the labels you need and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

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Printers & More

Choose the right printer for your needs and keep up with production requirements.

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Customer Support

We’re on call to help with printer issues and offer emergency printer servicing.


We provide New Zealand businesses with bulk-order labels, specialising in everything from food labels, vinyl labels and custom packaging labels to shipping labels and more. We can also supply you with blank labels, printers and printer accessories so you can print your own labels for your products.

Our range includes paper labels, synthetic PP & PE labels, tags, barcode labels

Our prices are based on the products you need. Contact us for a quote or shop online.

Our minimum order number is 1,000 labels.

Labels are normally provided in rolls, with quantities and cores sizes to suit your needs.

We can come to you or organise in-workshop repairs.

Our standard support rate is $110 +GST per hour.

Call-out and travel charges apply and will vary based on location.

Call us for remote support to troubleshoot your issue on the spot. We can also travel to you for printer servicing and repairs or provide return-to-workshop services.

Call-out and travel charges apply and will vary based on location. In situations where onsite repairs are not practical, we can provide a loan printer to keep your production going. A loan fee or inspection fee may apply.

Expected shipping timeframes:

Printers, parts & consumables within two working days.
Standard label stock within two working days.
Custom and printed labels can take up to 10 working days.

We’re happy to talk through your requirements and recommend a solution based on your products and your needs.

All our printers are covered by a two-year warranty. You can find details about the TSC Warranty Policy here https://www.tscprinters.com/EN/Support/warranty

Contact us for blank labels, pre-printed labels, thermal printers and ribbon to keep your production lines up and running more smoothly.

Why pay more for your labels than you need to? Our printers offer the best value on the market.

The models Accurate Labelling recommends are designed for industrial use and are handpicked because they provide the best value for money.

When you order from Accurate Labelling, you’ll also have access to a customer support team to help sort out any difficulties.