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Desktop Label Printer

Desktop label printers are designed to fit your space and budget needs. They are often compact, simple to operate, and can be more cost-effective than Industrial label printers. Desktop label applications include courier/shipping/logistics labelling, product/asset labels, barcode/retail price labels, wristband/fabric tags, and more.


Die is a device used for imparting or cutting a desired shape, form, or finish to a material. It is also used in label converting to cut only the face material or for punching out shapes from the label

Die Cut Labels

Die Cut Labels are cut to a custom shape using a laser. The cut is made completely through the backing paper. With Kiss Cut labels, the label shape is entirely cut out. So the labels are provided individually in sheets (not on rolls).

Die Cutting

Die Cutting is the process that uses dies to cut labels to a particular shape

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a method of printing that creates graphics and texts electronically. It utilizes a print engine to automate printing

Direct Thermal (Thermal Direct)

Direct Thermal (Thermal Direct) is a printing method that reproduces texts or images directly on the material. It uses heat-sensitive paper that blackens as it passes the thermal printhead 

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels are labels that have a heat-sensitive surface which allows printing without the need for thermal ribbons

DPI – label definitions

DPI stands for “dots per inch”, denotes the resolution of digital printing machines (e.g. laser printers, ink-jet printers, thermal printers)

Dry Peel

Dry Peel are labels put together using a dry adhesive