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Face Perforation

Face Perforation is a perforation that includes the top layer of the face stock only and stops when it reaches the liner

Face Slit

Face Slit is a slit located in the top layer of the face stock only and ends when it reaches the liner

Face Stock Material

Face Stock Material is the general term for any paper, film, fabric, foil, or plastic ideal for pressure-sensitive labels


Fanfold is another form of a label packaging method that folds the labels into an accordion-style


A film is a face material made out of either acetate, polyester, polyethylene vinyl, and other polymeric


Finish is a surface appearance of a face material that can either be glossy or matte

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic Printing uses flexible, raised rubber or plastic plates with inked images that are then transferred on the material used

Flood Coat

Flood Coating generally refers to a coating being applied (usually in liquid form) to the entire surface of a material (e.g., label). Coating types include varnish, inks or adhesive.

More specifically in relation to colouring a label, it means it the ink has a solid colour and has been applied across the full surface edge-to-edge.

Food Contact Adhesives

Food Contact Adhesives are adhesives that meet standard regulations set by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for direct food labeling

Four Colour Printing (CMYK Printing)

Four Colour Printing (CMYK Printing) uses four colors mixed in different combinations to create a huge range of colors. The colors are applied as tiny dots which then combine to create the visual effect known as full-color printing.  The four CMYK colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black

Freezer Adhesive

Freezer Adhesive is a type of adhesive designed to withstand cold environments (below freezing point) without peeling

Full bleed

Full bleed is the term referred to when the ink and/or print covers all four edges of the label