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Label Length

Label Length refers to the measurement of the label that is aligned with the line of the feed

Label Orientation

Label Orientation is the specific orientation of a label. It is crucial, especially when using a label applicator to ensure that the labels are in the correct position

Label Rewinder

Label rewinders enable automatic winding of labels into a neat, uniform roll during thermal printing process. Labels would be in disarray as they come out of the printer without a rewinder. When choosing what label rewinder to buy, consider the core size, label width, and roll diameter.

Label Stock

Label Stock is any material, paper or film, used for labels that have adhesive on one side and print on the other 

Label Width

Label Width refers to the measurement of the label that is across the line of the feed

Laminate / lamination

Lamination refers to when a film is applied to a label after printing. The laminate applies a layer of protection against moisture, abrasion, and UV. Types of laminates include Gloss, matt, and other unique finishes.

Laser Printing

Laser Printing is a printing process that involves scanning a surface to copy an image. The copied image is then printed onto a material

Left Edge Leading

Left Edge Leading is when the text or graphic is oriented to the left. See Roll Direction Chart


Liner can be paper or film that supports labels until the application

Logistics Labels

Logistics Labels are labels used for supply chain applications such as distribution and delivery of packages


Material is any unconverted label


A Matt/matte label finish has a non-glossy, opaque surface. Paper coatings, inks, varnishes, and laminates may all be obtained with a matt finish, which diffuses the reflection of light to provide a flat, non-glossy effect