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Release is the removal of face stock from the liner

Release coat

Release coats are usually made out of silicone which allows a material to be released from the release liner

Removable Adhesive

Removable Adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows labels to be removed easily without residue or damaging the label

Repositionable Adhesive

Repositionable adhesive works the same as removable adhesives. The major difference is that it is good for situations where labels need to be removed for a short-time and then reapplied or repositioned.

Resin Thermal Ribbon

Resin Thermal Ribbons prints permanently when used on a durable substrate (e.g. label surface). It is the most expensive, among the other types of ribbons, but has superior durability appropriate for extreme applications. Different varieties of Resin ribbons have different properties, providing resistance against heat/scratching/rubbing, chemicals (including alcohol, gasoline, bleach, sulfuric acid, etc.). They are typically used for outdoor, textile/fabric, industrial, automotive, and other harsh environmental applications.

Right Edge Leading

Right Edge Leading is when the text or graphics is oriented to the right. See Roll Direction Chart

Roll OD (Outer Diameter)

Roll OD (Outer Diameter) is the diameter of the whole roll


Roll-to-roll is a method where a roll of material is placed into a printer, printed and then rewound back into a roll after it exits the printer


Roll-to-sheet is a method where a roll of material is placed into a printer and then comes out of the printer as a sheet