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Self-adhesive Label

Self-adhesive Labels, also called pressure-sensitive adhesives, are “self-adhesive” when the adhesive sufficiently bonds materials together. In other words, it does not require other elements to form a bond

Sequential Numbering

Sequential Numbering, also consecutive numbering, uses ascending or descending order of number identifications when printing

Shear resistance

Shear resistance refers to the strength of an adhesive.

Shelf Life

Shelf Life is the duration of a label’s usability subject to environmental conditions

Slit Back

Slit Back is the slit in the liner which allows for easy removal

Slit Face

Slit Face is the slit in the face stock which allows for easy removal


Slitter is a machine that has three types: razor blade, shear, and score. They are used to cut roll stock into one or multiple narrower rolls

Spot Colour Label

Spot Colour Label refers to a part of the label that has a coating of one or multiple colors. Sometimes, colored ribbons are used to get the same effect

Spot Colour Printing

Spot Colour Printing is a printing process that involves blending premixed ink to achieve the desired color 


The substrate is the surface of a material where a label is applied


Synthetic are manufactured materials that go through chemical processes. They serve as a replacement for natural materials