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Tack is the component that adheres to a surface with minimum pressure applied

Tag – label definitions

Tag is a label of a product without adhesion

Tail Leading

Tail Leading is when the bottom of the text or graphics in the label comes off the roll first. See Roll Direction Chart

Temperature-specific Adhesive

Temperature-specific adhesives are label adhesives that are suitable for demanding environments such as refrigeration (chiller) or freezing temperatures. In these situations labels need to be able to withstand a degree of moisture as well as the temperature. General purpose label adhesives will not last long in such extreme applications. Tyre is another durable adhesive that works well in outdoors and/or instances where the labels are exposed to high-levels of friction/abrasion.

Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength is the ability of a material to be unbreakable when stretched or bent

Thermal Paper

Thermal Paper is a special paper that changes its color when heated

Thermal Printing

Thermal Printing is a method that uses heat to print images on a material. See Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer uses a thin ink ribbon that has either or a combination of wax and resin which melts into the label when heated, producing great quality print

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbon is used in Thermal Printers to transfer ink onto a substrate such as a label. It consists of a plastic film with a few different layers (including the back, base, release & ink layers). Printing with thermal transfer ribbons generally provides a more permanent print than with direct thermal printing, depending on the type and grade of ribbon. The main types of thermal ribbons are Wax Only, Wax-Resin, and Resin Only.

Transparent Labels (Clear Labels)

Transparent Labels (Clear Labels) are labels that allow light to pass through so that prints can be seen clearly