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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing can be in the form of variable text, barcodes, and sequential numbers that are commonly used in warehouses, distribution, shipments, and tracking


Varnishes are clear coatings used to protect a label. They cost less than laminates and UV coatings but are the least durable. Varnishes are available in gloss and matt and can be applied to the whole label (flood varnish) or only certain parts of the label (spot coating) to create interesting visual effects.

UV coatings cure during printing by exposure to ultraviolet light. UV coatings tend to be more durable and have a high-quality gloss finish.


Vector are prints that are initially created through outlines and filled in by spots before printing

Wax Thermal Ribbons

Wax Thermal Ribbons are recommended for general purpose printing on coated or uncoated paper stocks. It has a low melting point making it suitable for high-speed printing. . But because this is the softest material, it has a tendency to smudge or rub-off when exposed to heat or friction. Wax ribbons tend to not print well on high-gloss substrates.

Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbon

Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbons produce excellent print quality on coated or glossy labels (paper and synthetic). This type of ribbon contains resin which makes it more durable than wax thermal ribbons. Although more expensive, it provides longer usage and has better anti-smudge resistance.

Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing is a process that involves either feeding paper rolls into the printer or the flatbed slides under the print head