Any label to suit any job.

We have a huge range of print labels in standard sizes so we probably have a label size to suit your needs without need for expensive set up costs. If we dont have the size you need then lets talk about how we can get you what you need at the right price.

Labels come in many materials from std paper to specialist Vinyl and PE and tyre adhesive material. We have them all so no matter what job you have we can do it.

With our inhouse design team we can design and print labels from scratch using our range of UV inks

Here is some tips and ideas on what material might be right for your job.

  • Paper : Suited to most applications and the most common material used. For clients with specific needs ( such as freezing or moulded plastic)  label adhesive should be tested to suit the application. We supply samples at no cost for you to do this with. Paper is available with a wide range of adhesives to suit various applications:

    • Thermal Direct Labels
    • Thermal Transfer Labels - Gloss or Matt
    • Freezer Grade - Gloss or Matt
    • Removable - Gloss or Matt
    • Printed
    • Blanks
    • Continuous or die cut 
  • Synthetic (Vinyl) PP or PE. Used in environments where the product might be exposed to the environmental affects or outside.  Also used by chemical companies where chemical resistance is important.
    • Clear
    • Thermal Direct
    • Thermal Transfer
    • Printed
    • Blanks
    • Continuous or Die cut
  • Tag or Card Material (non adhesive). Typically used where labels are not suitable for the application, such as:
    • Where the tag must be removed easily from the crate when delivered to client
    • Timber industry ( where they are stapled to the timber)
    • Tag is sewn on to bag or product
    • Available in both Synthetic and Paper
  • Coloured Blanks.

    • Any colour listed on the standard PMS or CMYK chart can be printed as per your customer’s request.
    • OR we can match to any sample or colour that you need.
    • Once again colours are available in gloss and Matt.
    • It should be specified with any order if it is being over printed.
  • Radiant ( Those bright colours that they use at Roadworks)

    • Available in any die size and shape we have.
    • Std Colours are: Pink, Orange, Red, Green and Yellow
    • There are some PMS colours that are also radiant and these can be printed on to paper to suit.

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