MC-10A Mini-CAT Label Rewinder

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MC-10A Mini-CAT Label Rewinder

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Label Rewinders wind up labels into a roll as they come out of a printer. If you don’t use a Rewinder, you have to gather up the labels by hand once the printing job is finished. A Rewinder is much more convenient and saves you time.

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MC-10A Mini-CAT Label Rewinder

  • 3″ Core or Coreless Rewind Shaft with Inner Flange and Bail.
  • Core Diameter – 3″ or Coreless
  • Label Width – Up to 4.5″ (114-mm)
  • Roll Diameter – Up to 8.6″ (220-mm)

* OPTIONAL Outer Flange for MC-10A only. Helps guide the outer edge of the label material for an even roll edge. (Pictured on MC-10A Rewinder)   “CAT” (Constant Adjustable Torque™) has made these quiet, easy-to-use Rewinders the “Industry Standard.” With various core sizes, label widths, roll diameters and options to choose from there is a Rewinder to fit any job you may have. Backed by a minimum 3-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty. Rewinders are designed for worry-free 24/7 operation. LABELMATE USA Rewinders are easy to set up and are virtually silent in operation.