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TSC thermal label printers are built to last, designed to meet your application needs, are affordably priced, and feature a two-year warranty.

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Accurate Labelling's thermal printers make creating clear and professional labels for your products easy

Accurate Labelling can supply printed product labels and other labels for you, but if you print lots of labels or you need to make regular changes you might like to consider purchasing your own TSC thermal label printer. This enables you to print on-site as often as you need. 

Whether you need a small thermal printer for product description labels or a more industrial size barcode label printer, we can supply and deliver leading manufacturer TSC label printers and thermal ticketing/receipt printers across New Zealand. You can also buy plain thermal labels and thermal ribbon from us to keep your printer running. 

All our TSC thermal printer sales come with full support from our team and access to technicians in case your machine needs repair. If you need help with printing labels see if our Service & Support section will help you. If not give us a call and we'll work through the issue with you.

Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Print Technology

Our printers are available in as either direct thermal only or thermal transfer/direct thermal configurations. Our models that are designed for thermal transfer printing can be run in direct thermal or thermal transfer mode.

Direct thermal mode uses heat sensitive labels that darken to form barcodes, graphics and printed text as heat is applied by the printer’s print head. Direct thermal labels are suitable for short shelf life labels which are not exposed to extreme light or heat.

Thermal transfer printing requires the use of a ribbon and prints labels suitable for many environments. Applications for thermal transfer label printers include many forms of signage, manufacturing identification, product identification, asset tagging, and a host of other solutions. Ribbon and label combinations are available that provide resistance against abrasion, heavy wear, temperature extremes and chemical damage.

Choosing the right printer

Is this a replacement of an older barcode printer?
Many barcode printers that are sold today, perhaps even the majority of printers sold today, are replacing an existing label printer. TSC printers are designed to make the transition from your old printer to your new TSC printer as easy as possible. All TSC printers can emulate popular ZPL, EPL or DPL languages.

How durable do the labels have to be?
TSC offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode printers. Direct thermal only printers are perfect for short-life labels such as parcel post, small package shipping, wristbands and other printed materials with an expected life of between one week and a year. Thermal transfer is the only choice when you need crisp, long-lasting labels. Thermal transfer gives the customer the widest variety of label choices from uncoated papers to extremely durable vinyls.

What is the print width required by your labels?
A key factor in choosing what printer to choose is to determine the widest label you will need to print. TSC barcode printers offer 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch wide models to choose from. The most popular barcode printers are four inch wide models that are available in both plastic desktop and heavy duty die-cast industrial models.

What print resolution is required?
The most common resolution for barcode printers is 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) which is adequate for most printed labels. For applications that require text and barcodes on very small labels higher resolutions may be required. TSC offer barcode printers in 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) versions and also very high resolution 600 dpi (24 dots/mm) models.

What is your daily print volume?
How many labels do you need to print each day? Our TTP-2410M series of industrial printers are designed to print virtually non-stop, 24 hours per day just pausing long enough to replace ribbons and labels. For applications that require fewer labels per day TSC offers the very economical TE200 series and the high value TX200 series of printers.

How durable does the printer need to be?
Our plastic desktop models are perfect for an office environment where they quietly and efficiently produce the labels that you need. Our heavy duty industrial die-cast thermal transfer barcode printers are designed for harsh warehouse and manufacturing environments. 

How fast do you need to print?
Usually the last question to consider is how fast do you need to print? TSC offers the fastest plastic desktop printers on the market with speeds up to 8 inches per second. Our industrial printer models can print up to 18 inches per second.