Accurate Labelling
  • Whatever your business and whatever you need a label for, we can help 

    High-quality labels & tags across New Zealand

    Accurate Labelling stocks a huge range of labels in a variety of sizes and types.  
    Our team can design and print labels for you or we can supply blank labels so you can use your own thermal label printer to create your own labels.
  • Standard stock and made-to-order

    ​Blank or Printed labels
    ​Shipping, Barcode 
    ​& Industrial labels

    delivered across New Zealand

Paper Labels

With a wide range of adhesives to suit various applications:

  • Thermal Direct Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Labels (Gloss or Matt)
  • Freezer & Chiller Grade (Gloss or Matt)
  • Removable (Gloss or Matt)
  • Blanks, Courier/Shipping & Barcode Labels
  • Continuous or Die cut
    For clients with specific requirements we recommend testing label adhesion and printing to ensure quality.  We supply samples at no cost for you to do this with.

    Synthetic (Vinyl) PP & PE Labels

    When labels will be exposed to adverse conditions such as moisture, chemicals or stored outside. 

    We can supply dangerous goods labels, industrial labels, food labels and bottle labels, making your products stand out and not just one of the bunch. 
    • Clear
    • Thermal Direct
    • Thermal Transfer
    • Printed
    • Blanks
    • Continuous or Die cut


                Non-adhesive tag materials including synthetic, fabric and paper/cardboard: 


                    * Satin and Polyester ribbon for thermal printing of care labels. 

                    * Nursery twig and propagator tags. 

                    * Fisheries grading tags. 

                  Want to print your own clothing and fabric care tags? 

                  Accurate Labelling can provide you with a Printer, Ribbon fabric and Resin Thermal Ribbon. 
                  Making your printed tags resistant to fading, dry cleaning, ironing and washing up do 90°. 

      Custom  and Printed Labels

      Your product is unique as its look and the image you are trying to portray to your potential clients.

      Using our flexographic and digital printing methods, we can provide the quality and volume of labels you need. 

      We supply cost effective Printed Product labels that make your products stand out. 
      Food & Beverage Labels
      Labelling for the food and beverage industry is becoming increasingly regulated and detailed. 

      Accurate Labelling has printer and software packages that provide flexibility to print a large range of variable data labels that not only include all the required information but are high quality and easy to use. 

      Labels can contain ingredient data and Nutritional Information Panels (NIP).  Integrating with nutritional analysis software such as FoodWorks

      Labels can be pre-printed in colour with your logo, with blank space for you to print variable data such as barcodes and use-by-dates. 
      Barcode & Carton Labels

      It can be difficult getting to grips with all the technicalities of barcode labels. 

      Thankfully, we can help with easy solutions for all types of businesses, whether you’re a high-volume or low-volume user from the food, manufacturing, freight, shipping, petrochemicals, timber or retail sectors.

      Accurate Labelling can help find the right barcode printer and provide you with the labels you need to start printing. 

      As well as the sale of barcode printers, Accurate Labelling provides technical support and all  the additional products you need,  including thermal barcode labels

      Want to understand more about Barcodes? 
      Have a look at this Barcode Guide from our partners at Seagull Scientific Inc. 

      Blanks and Coloured Blanks

      We specialise in providing cost-effective blank labels even more so with large volume orders. 
      Using large print runs we can help you to reduce your label costs. 

      Any colour can be printed, and we can match any sample (Gloss or Matt.) 


      Radiant and bright colours: 
      • available in any die size and shape we have.
      • come in standard colours of pink, orange, red, green and yellow
      • also available in some PMS radiant colours, which can also be printed on to paper to suit

      We pride ourselves in assessing  our customer's requirements and providing the most cost-effective solution, whilst thinking outside the square.

      Label costs simply come down to size and the volume you order. If we can make these work in your favour the cost will come down.

      If you don't see what you need, then pleascontact us to see if we can help.